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Priceless treasures are offered through semiconductors and the soft glow of a back-lit display.  We reveal our most privileged knowledge in hopes of enlightening laboratory technicians.  Our goal is to offer you the resources that will make the time you spend in the laboratory much more rewarding and profitable. Our experience, perspective, and personality are why we're trusted and remembered.


Our business is manufacturing dental prosthetics.

Our passion is educating the dental community.

Decadent has been educating dental professionals for years.  Our offerings include both free and paid online workshops, live lectures, and private tutoring on site or traveling to clients locations.  If you made it this far, there is likely information you seek.  We guarantee that we have the answers for you.    Feel free to ask us in the text box, you do not have to register for workshop notifications to submit the form.

Thank you for your submission, if you selected, "yes," to sign up for email notifications of upcoming workshop events, please check your mail and follow the link to verify your address.

Decadent Laboratories, Inc.
649 Morgan Ave. STE 4A3
Brooklyn, NY 11222
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